Today, I had time to pop into Wigan. A short journey south from Preston.

Went to see Wigan Pier‎…….

Looks remarkably like a canal? Yup 🙂

A short stroll took me along to a flight of locks. Strung out over two miles, they climb 207ft. These locks enable Liverpool to be connected by canal with Leeds.

Downtown was another short stroll, pausing at the Believe_Square, a space for celebrating. Wigan has won the FA Cup (sorry ManCity) and everything in Rugby League.

Headed next to a funky street, which led to Ola’s bar. I kid you not 🙂

Another short stroll took me to the wrong railway station. Not to worry. My station was only a hundred metres away, which begs the question, why not build the two railway stations as one ?

Needed somewhere to sit and think.

Popped into the Swan&Railway for a Bass ale in another adults-only pub ! Barry needs to move up norf!

Promise of a local pie, turned out to be disappointing. The pastry more appropriate as a container then for eating.

Still. Wigan in a lunchtime.

And only seventeen minutes on the train to come home.