Mash Paddle is dead

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Long live Sassy brewery‎ !!!


When last we talked, I was in Londinium.
That week in London passed quickly.
Beers with Barry n Fritz’s eldest. Mainly Barry 🙂
Then Wednesday morning, up, TaiChi, pack and still time for breakfast at the Club.

Air Canada brought me comfortably home.

On the bus to Brantford I thought it prudent to check on Mash Paddle’s opening hours. Horror! I found they were shut. Permanently 🙁

Came home in a bit of a daze.
Found some Boneshaker for consolation.
To bed.

Thursday I awoke to a sunny day.
Time to walk over to see what was what, with my favourite Ontario brewery.

Found a very personable Tracey, who bought Mash Paddle and is putting her own stamp on the beer world!
I drank, half of a nice IPA, and a half of an ok stout.
Met two daughters n grandkids.
And feel much better. The thought of being stuck in a world of Coors only beers, is horrific! Mash Paddle may be dead, but Sassy is there to pickup the mantle.

So head on down to Sassy’s!
That is Sassy Britches Brewing Company, Cordage District, 111 Sherwood Dr, Brantford.
Open Wed-Sat:1200-2100hrs, Sun:1200-1700hrs.
Before heading down, you can see which beers are available, via UntappedDotCom.

And for those who do not read so well, the brewery is named ‘Sassy bRitches’.

Richard says:

And no wonder that the weather turned. Was going out with the red car but…will have to wait. Luckily it’s a Saturday with matches on all day. Will have to do a lunch run soon once you get the bike back on the road. Welcome back.