Again 🙂

Bike is out of storage n good to go.

Going to be strange not dealing with John Parker. His retirement from Budds happens at the end of this month. Tons of experience, helpful, and a good guy to boot.
NB: Going to be replaced with technology. That will be interesting.

I also talked with Dom (Dominique Le-Saux)‎ and signed up for a test ride on Thursday, May 30th. Test rides will be held at Budds.
If you are looking to purchase a new bike, and want to try some BMW offerings, contact Dom, in Motorrad Sales, via 1-844-900-7723 and get your name on the list.
Bring $25 when you come. That is for the charitable donation. Receipts provided.
Should be fun.
Maybe Jermaine-the-piper will enliven the proceedings 😉

So with the bike, and me, all ready to go, off I rode.

To a sushi lunch with Louise n Richard.
Much discussion.
Even more food.
Happy Birthday Louise 🙂

Thence we parted, to our separate homes.

Arrived at mine tired-out. Was a long day. With the first ride of the season taking place in rush-hour traffic.
No drama.
Arrived safely.
Parked up, and settled down to a cuppa.

Lovely day.
In all ways.