Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

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My thanks to all the nice and fun people at the Harvard Museum, eg: Jamie, who not only is a pilot and can scarf a tub of ice-cream (all the best people can), but knows people from Leicester, UK, who have been to my home village! Jamie is heading to Donington, this summer.

Biggest thanks to Poul, who was my pilot for the trip. ‎
I handled the controls for a time, on the way there. Where is there? Port Burwell.

If you follow the wing, on the other side of the bend in the river, you can see the submarine museum.

Poul flew a few maneuvers on the way back. Is the sky supposed to be green?

We all landed safely 🙂

One comment, Ontario, especially this southern part, is REALLY flat.

A banana crepe/nallisnik afterwards‎, washed down with a cuppa, made the visit perfect.

Then a ride to Red Dragon Dairy for some sheep cheese and chat.

What a lovely day. Even the weather co-operated.

Only slight blot, was my first stop of the day. Port Dover had run out of electricity. Even the traffic lights were out.
The farmer’s market was still open, and there was enough daylight to visit the indoor stalls. I found a decent steak&mushroom pie, plus a Dunkel beer (in a can). ‎

The day is always better on a motorcycle 😉